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Supply: 4,181          Traits: 250          Species: 4

There are four species in the collection. Each with their own carefully curated color palette and unique traits.

1) OG: These Krybbons have a natural color palette. The OGs have fish, lizard, and bird like traits. They are true to their original form before they started trying to fit in. 

2) Cuties: These Krybbons have a vibrant color palette. The Cuties are a little goofy but we love them anyway. Some of them went out and got hats, shoes... and even some fun tattoos!

3) Sport: These Krybbons have a deep color palette. They took up some hobbies like karate, boxing, and running.

4) Boarders: These Krybbons have an electric color palette. These are the rarest of the bunch and have many traits unique to their kind. 

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